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Pharmaceutical and Cannabis Biotech Consultant

established by Dana Rubin, MBA., which advises mid-sized and start-up pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies. PharmaConsult specializes in guiding startups specifically cannabinoid based therapeutics with regulatory guidance, compliance, and information for the FDA, DEA and other regulatory agencies. We also specialize in providing tools that help companies develop a strategic plan to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

We offer support for Generics, Branded Drugs, Biosimilars and Cannabinoid Therapeutics.

Services Provided

  • In depth Industry Overview and Analysis
  • Growth Opportunities Analysis
  • Strategic Management & Planning
  • Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Life-cycle Management
  • Pricing Strategies and Cost- Benefit Analysis
  • Product Planning and Development
  • Corporate Strategy

All About

PharmaConsult LTD is an independent consulting company

There are many reasons why pharmaceutical start- ups fail, but the most common reasons are because of a poorly developed business plan, inexperienced management team, lack of funding, and the wrong product concept for the current market. The Pharma and Bio-tech industry is moving at an increasingly high pace due to changes in technology.

Therefore, Investors and venture capitalists are looking for the next best thing, but with a quick return on investment.

Finding investors for this industry can be difficult because investors see the FDA and the DEA is a major obstacle; especially in medical cannabis industry. These start-up companies are usually not equipped to handle such large regulatory institutions.

Every Step Of The Way

Being FDA compliant can be a financial burden due to all the regulations.

PharmaConsult LTD., is dedicated to providing high quality consulting services for the Life Sciences. Our hands on approach allows us to have the ability to guide your start-up in every step of the way.

My Culture, Values & Visions

Teamwork & Unity
Trust & Respect
Passion & Excellence
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